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Feb 04, 2013

The first month of the New Year has come and gone, where exactly did the month of January go? It seems like our spirits were so jolly a few weeks ago, we were drinking champagne and saying “Happy New Year” to everyone we came across (not me because I don’t partake in alcoholic beverages). Continuing on the theme of some of my previous blogs, what I aspire for the New Year, is to treat my fellow man or woman with respect and hope that they reciprocate and do the same. We started off the New Year here at CTU, showing how our love and respect for one another is still alive and well. We had a celebration for one of our employees, she is a fixture at CTU, and she has actually been with the CTU community for over 20 years. Her spirits were low and the community, which is CTU, noticed and put into motion a flash mob celebration. The reason I bring this up is because although initially this was for one person, we all ended up celebrating and remembering why we love CTU as much as we do. This was one of those real fuzzy moments that you hope would linger for more than just a few minutes, and it did – this was two weeks ago and we are all still talking about how much it meant to all of us. Remember, treat or at least try to treat your fellow man with kindness and love, it is really not that hard.


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