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Historical Studies

Any 4000 level “H” course fulfills History concentration requirement.

H 4001 Patristics
A study of the theological perspectives of major writers of the church.

H 4002 The Middle Ages and the Reformation
Study Gregory the Great (600) to the Council of Trent (1545-1563), focusing on the development of the medieval church, relations between east and west, history of theology, breakdown of the medieval synthesis, and the significance of major reformers.

H 4003 From Trent to Vatican II
Explore key issues in Catholicism of the last four centuries: the mentality following the Reformation, Jansenism, Newman and the Oxford movement, forces influencing Vatican I, Modernism and its reaction, pertinent problems of the twentieth century

H 4004 Catholicism in the U.S.: Historical and Theological Perspectives
Catholic life and thought in the U.S. has enjoyed a unique development due to the separation of church and state, the massive immigrations to America and the traditions which immigrants brought/bring with them.

H 4006 History of the World Christian Movement
A study of the emergence of the Christian Church in a global context from the sixth century to the present. The class will be conducted as a seminar with full participation of all students. Close attention will be given to the diverse ways in which Christians encountered and struggled with the problems of culture and language in the development of the major doctrinal themes of the Christian communities (Christology, trinity, grace, sacraments, ecclesiology, eschatology) within the cultural and institutional structures that Christians encountered in the larger Mediterranean region, Eastern Europe, Africa, Central and East Asia, and ultramontane Europe, between the sixth century and the present.

DH4220 Rediscovering Vatican II: The Background, the Documents, the Theology
This lecture course will first set the event of Vatican II within its historical context and will offer a brief overview of what happened in the Council's Four Sessions from 1962 until 1965. It will then reflect on the four major Constitutions that the Council produced--documents on the Liturgy, Revelation, the Church, and the Church in the Modern World--and on selected additional documents, such as those on the Laity, Missionary Activity, Non-Christian Religions, and Religious Freedom. The course will be conducted in two periods. Period One will consist in an hour fifteen minute presentation by a CTU faculty member on a particular document. Then, after a break, students taking the class for credit will spend the remaining time discussing the assigned document and readings.

H 4300 Byzantine Influences through Church History
Take an intellectual journey through the lands of eastern Christianity. Examines church history through the Byzantine influences that shaped the church from the sixth through fifteenth centuries. Topics include key cities and holy sites such as Edessa, Constantinople, Ravenna, Mount Athos, and Hagia Sofia.

CH 4301 Constants in Context: A Mission Theology for Today
Weaving together a systematic theology with mission at its core and a global history of the world Christian movement, this course traces the patterns by which theological constants are shaped in changing contexts in developing relevant mission theologies.

CH 4302 Earliest Christian Traditions in Asia
An investigation of earliest Christian contacts with Asian cultures and traditions along the "silk" routes (land and sea), beginning with the apostle Thomas to 1500 C.E.. It distinguishes facts, legends, and hypotheses as a framework for assessing such contacts.

CH 4310 History of the World Christian Movement in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
The end of the French Revolution marked the beginning of a period during which Christianity eventually developed into a vibrant world movement. This course examines historical-theological models of mission and related contemporary issues within varied social-political, religious, and ecclesial contexts.

HD 5010 Theology of the Second Vatican Council (Seminar)
This Seminar will reflect on the history and theology of the Second Vatican ouncil as found particularly in the four major Constitutions and in selected Decrees and Declarations.