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Job Search Strategies

Basic approach to job search 

  1. There is one job for you
  2. You can only have one job at a time
  3. 99 rejections are meaningless when you locate your one job

Finding a job is work

  1. Must be approached with the same discipline as other work (papers, study)
  2. Must expect to be discouraged but not to stop
  3. Create a system
    • So many calls a day
    • So many letters a day

Approach the job search “out of the box”

  1. Job listings describe what the employer wants
    • Be that and be flexible
    • Fit yourself into situations
    • Create situations
  2. Do a realistic assessment of what you would like to do
    • List ten most favorite settings, activities
    • List ten least favorite settings, activities
  3. Decide where you would like to work
    • Chicago
    • Midwest
    • National
    • International

Start NOW—do not wait

  1. Expect that a job search can take six months
  2. One student took over 18 months to find full time
  3. Line up people to be your references NOW


  1. The world may not know the value you have to offer
  2. Let all your friends know your interests and that you are graduating and looking
  3. Contact all ACQUAINTANCES, not just friends
  4. Let all your Church contacts know your interests and that you’re graduating
  5. Go back in time – high school, college, former parishes
  6. Send people your resume –we will talk about that

Familiarize yourself with types of positions being offered and resources to locate

  1. CTU Career Services webpage has listing of positions
  2. Read periodicals
  3. Check out diocesan web pages (Chicago, Joliet, Rockford, Gary, etc)
  4. Emmaus office has several books