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Course Descriptions

(as of May 29, 2013)

Click here to download a copy of the 2013 Summer Institute Schedule and instructors.

Summer Institute Courses for 2013

Special Offerings: Institute for Interreligious Dialogue and Spiritualities of Cultures are groupings with three courses each. The courses are one credit apiece. Three credits can be earned by taking all three courses in each grouping. Existentialism will be offered online and run June 10-28.

Vatican II and the New Evangelization This summer there is a wonderful course being offered at the Lay Centre in Rome, with whom we have an educational alliance.  You can earn 3 credits toward your CTU degree with this course. The Lay Centre asks a participation fee of 950 USD per student to cover the costs of all site visits, lectures, public transportation in Rome during the program, one meal a day and a coffee break at the Lay Centre. The price does not cover airfare, lodging, other meals and transportation from the airport to and from the city. A deposit of 250 USD would be due to the Lay Centre no later than 15 April. Click here for syllabus.

Institute for Interreligious Dialogue

C4005SB Institute for Interreligious Dialogue: Christian-Muslim Understanding (Instructor S Alexander)

Courses in interreligious dialogue explore the phenomenon of religious pluralism, and point the way to personal and pastoral understanding among the world's great religions, especially the Abrahamic traditions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

Spiritualities of Cultures

S4018SA  Asian Spirituality  (Instructor G Cruz and E Chia) 

S4018SB  Black Spirituality (Instructor V White)

S4018SC  Latino/a Spirituality (Instructor G Cavazos-Gonzalez)

These courses look at the whole of Christian spirituality from the perspective of each culture.

Contributions of members of each culture will be discussed, as well as those held dear as spiritual models and mentors from each culture.

P2224S Existentialism (Instructor B Vallier)

This course will examine several key themes in existentialism, as developed by the principal exponents of the movement, including Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Jaspers, Heidegger, Sartre, Beauvoir, Camus, and others. Among the themes addressed: existence, the individual, the death of God, meaninglessness, bad faith, the role of others, nothingness, freedom, authenticity, engagement, valuation, situated embodiment. Attention will be given to the similarities and differences of theistic and atheistic existentialism, and to the ethical dimension of existentialism.

Courses Week I: June 10 - 14, 2013

D5101S God and the Mystery of Human Suffering (Instructor R Ryan)

This course consists of a survey and discussion of the ways in which the Christian tradition has addressed the mystery of human suffering.

B4026S Pentateuch  (Instructor J Barker)

This course studies the first five books of the Old Testament, with emphasis on creation, covenant and exodus.

I4310S MAPS Colloquium (Instructor E Doidge)

An overview of the “nuts and bolts” of the MAPS Program at CTU. Note that this class will be open online on June 1, with readings to be done before class meetings held from 9 a.m. to noon each day.

B4405S The Gospel of Matthew:  At the Crossroads of Early Christianity (Instructor D Senior)

A study of the Gospel of Matthew, which is the primary gospel of Cycle A of the Lectionary, being read/heard this liturgical year.

DC4100S Trinity and Mission  (Instructor J de Mesa) 

Our Holy Mystery is first manifest in human experience through the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, and made visible in the ministry and cross of Jesus of Nazareth. The doctrine of God as Trinity is addressed in terms of pastoral practice, method, contexts of cultures and religions, and the Christian tradition.

W4020S Married in Christ (Instructor R Fragomeni) 

The sacrament of marriage will be explored in historical, theological and liturgical perspectives.

F4998 Retreat for Distance Students (Emmaus Staff)

Courses Week II: June 17 - 21, 2013

W4019S Canonical Issues in Parish Ministry (Instructor P Lagges)

This course will study laws of the Church as they pertain to pastoral ministry.
W4022S Food, Faith and Theology (Instructor R McCarron)

This course will bring various ingredients drawn from anthropology, theology, biblical studies, gastronomy, culinary arts and ecology together to create a theological banquet inviting reflection on our food ways, engages our ethical responsibility and offers spiritual sustenance. 

B4027S Reading the New Testament with the Mind, Eyes, Heart of a Woman (Instructor B Reid)

An exploration of select passages from each of the four Gospels, using feminist methods of interpretation. Focus will be on understanding the original context of these writings, and analyzing their impact on women and men in the church today.

DE4300SA Imaging the Reign: Social Justice and Global Cinema (Instructor T Sison)

Issues of social justice will be explored as portrayed in global cinema. Thus, how we image the reign of God in the media of film will be called into question and conclusion.

Download the course flyer here.

M4004S Beyond Pizza and Icebreakers: Imagining Youth Ministry that Makes a Difference (Instructor H Blier) 

One of the most challenging ministries in the Church today is outreach to young people. This course will explore new ways to imagine youth ministry, and to successfully engage young people with meaning in ministry to them. 

Courses Week III: June 24 - 28, 2013

FP4001S The Theology of Ministry (Instructor T O'Meara)

This course will highlight the fundamental theology that gives rise to ministry. One’s understanding of God and the Church are basic to one’s ministerial outreach.

C4003SA Mission and Discipleship: The Contemporary Challenge (Instructor A Gittins)

Exploring themes from missiology, eccesiology, anthropology, biblical studies and spirituality, the nature and purpose of Christian Mission will be defined. Every baptized person is called to such mission.

D4011S Rahner on Spirituality (Instructor JJ Bacik)

This course is a study of the major themes of Karl Rahner’s theology from the perspective of his writings and philosophical background.

K2007S Reflective Writing for Personal, Spiritual Growth: The Intensive Journal (Instructor J Koltyk)

Experience the Intensive Journal method created by Ira Progoff, Ph.D.,as a tool for personal and spiritual growth. The writing exercises provide a unique way to gain insights about one’s life—including relationships, dreams, careers, interests, and spirituality.