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Journal of Asian/North American Theological Educators

JANATE, a peer-reviewed journal, addresses topics or issues dealing with the religious views and experiences of Asian/ North Americans, educational and leadership models that seek to transform Asian/North American theological education, pedagogical and pastoral experiences from Asian-North American religious and cultural contexts, interdisciplinary analysis of sociopolitical and economic issues in our globalized world, and interfaith and interreligious hermeneutics and dialogues in Asian-North American contexts. For more information, see

New Theology Review

New Theology Review (NTR) is a peer-reviewed and current Catholic journal for theology and ministry. It offers resources that address contemporary trends in theology and pastoral practice. It publishes essays, invited columns, and book reviews designed for clergy, religious, and laity.

The final print version of New Theology Review was published in November 2011. In September 2012, NTR became an online, open-access journal published by Catholic Theological Union through its Paul Bechtold Library. Back issues from Vol. 10 (1997) to the present are freely accessible on the NTR website.

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Theophilus: the Student Journal of the CTU, launched in 2014. Students seeking more information about submission requirements can visit the journal's homepage at

Paul Bechtold Library Publications

Paul Bechtold Library Publications is a Catholic online, open-access publisher of theology and pastoral ministry monographs at the Catholic Theological Union through the Paul Bechtold Library.  Its mission is to serve the Church by providing a forum for theologians and pastoral ministers to engage the Catholic tradition in respectful, constructive, and critical dialogue. Its primary intent and direction is to promote a deeper understanding of the Christian faith and the mission of the Church.