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July 9, 2014

God as the Extravagant Sower. Jesus purposefully describes God in his parables in ways that go counter to our usual expectations. Among many quirky characteristics, in today's Gospel Jesus implies that God is extravagant - even wasteful. In order to appreciate this, we need to "tune in" to the world that was of great concern to his listeners - the world of crops and harvests that would naturally be a concern for the poor farmers listening to his teaching. Jesus begins his story describing a sower who would be considered rather inept by most standards. Seeds are precious ... and this sower goes out to sow seemingly without caring where the seeds will fall. Some fall on the path, others on rocky ground, and still others among the thorns. For all intents and purposes these seeds are lost. The sower has been wasteful. Only some of the seeds land where they where they actually take root and flourish. Jesus' listeners would naturally wonder, what is wrong with this sower?

June 25, 2014

"The Church's [real] foundation is Jesus Christ the Lord"

Within the recent past, the church has been tossed to and fro in storms of controversy. Not one storm - many storms. And not in one country - in many countries. It has been the target of fierce persecution, and it has also allowed evil to contaminate it from within. Whether in circumstances of harassment or scandal, the lives of many have been diminished, their confidence undermined, and their faith tested.

June 18, 2014
CONSUMED BY CHRIST'S LIFE. "[W]e, though many, are one body" (1 Cor 10:17). Scientists tell us that we are literally connected to one another and to all that is part of one vast web of life in our universe. It is not a metaphor or a symbol; it is literally true that the material of all of our bodies is intrinsically related because they emerged from and are caught up in a single energetic event that is the unfolding of the universe. Our common ancestry stretches back through the life forms and into the stars, back to the primeval explosion of light that began our universe. Atoms that may have been part of Jesus' body are now part of our bodies.
June 11, 2014

The Scripture readings for Trinity Sunday are as beautiful and rich as the mystery this feast celebrates. The Biblical peoples stood before God with awe and reverence, so much so that no one was even to say God's holy name; various euphemisms were used instead. Yet, at the same time, the Bible also portrays God as infinitely tender and close to his people.

June 5, 2014

Freedom in the Spirit

Pentecost is rightly considered to be the "birthday of the Church." Taking the account we read today in the Acts of the Apostles at face value, today marks the fiftieth day after the passion, death and resurrection, when the disciples of Jesus, empowered by the coming of the Spirit, emerge from behind the doors of the upper room where they had taken refuge for fear of persecution, and boldly go out into the streets of Jerusalem, effectively proclaiming the mighty works of God in Jesus Christ.

May 28, 2014
DEFYING GRAVITY. Lucylin could not believe that this day had finally come. She had spent five years in the Correctional Institution for Women in Manila, serving a sentence that was grossly disproportionate to her crime, but today, in what felt like the longest distance she has ever walked, she inches her way to the exit door, literally, one baby step at a time to freedom.
May 22, 2014

Life in the Spirit

Some of the most poignant pictures flashed across the world in the wake of natural or military disasters are those of orphaned children. Their inherent vulnerability is compounded by their victimization; they seem to be wandering about aimlessly. With unguarded expressions they cry out with grief and fear. They are so helpless, and they look so hopeless. To be orphaned means to be alone.

May 14, 2014

Judging from the lectionary texts, this fifth Sunday of Easter would be best named the Sunday of Mixed Messages. In the Gospel, Jesus begins with the comforting words "Do not let your hearts be troubled" (John 14:1) but the passage is about his leaving those closest to him. Those among us trying to cope with the loss of loved ones can only shout back "but of course my heart is troubled!" The letter of Peter celebrates the stone rejected as cornerstone, and then complicates matters by proclaiming the stone simultaneously an obstacle.

May 12, 2014

Follow the leader!

The Fourth Sunday of Easter has traditionally been known as 'Good Shepherd Sunday,' since readings today elaborate this theme. Their particular focus today is on leadership. Whose leadership will we follow? In the ancient Near Eastern world, kings were often characterized as shepherds of their people, because they were responsible for every aspect of their welfare. This same characterization is used in the Bible to describe the providence of God (Ezekiel 34).

April 30, 2014
WALKING INTO HOPE. "But we were hoping that he would be the one to redeem Israel" (Luke 24:21). They are walking away from Jerusalem, away from the place where their hopes were shattered. Cleopas and his unnamed companion, perhaps his wife?, stride in the direction of Emmaus, known in Roman times as Nicopolis, "Victory City." They were in sore need of "victory."
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