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May 23, 2013

This time of the year always bring a fullness of happiness and sadness to our CTU community. Thursday, May 16, we celebrated the 45th annual commencement for the 2013 class. We have prepared our graduates to go out into the world and do the work that God has called them to do. As stated in our mission, we prepare effective leaders for the Church, ready to witness to Christ’s good news of justice, love, and peace. We say now to our graduates, “Go now and become the overflowing spirit of God as a campus minister, DRE, or leader of the Church. Foremost, continue to be the engagers in ministry in the United States and around the world.”

 The CTU community, along with the graduates, families, and friends, celebrated this vast achievement. The feelings that arise at this time of the year are bittersweet; there is the sadness that the relationships that you have built are changing. But we at CTU know that this part of the graduate’s journey is not the end but a continuation -- they are moving on to new beginnings and their future is blazing bright. We at CTU are grateful that we had them here with us. Congratulations to the class of 2013!

Mar 25, 2013

Celebrating My First Palm Sunday!

As I sat in the pew of St. Thomas Catholic Church in Hyde Park and anticipated all the glory of the celebration of Jesus Christ’s entry into Jerusalem, I was excited! This Sunday before Easter marks the beginning of Holy Week. We started off as a community at the front of the church and blessed the palms and then entered the sanctuary to begin our Journey with Jesus Christ. There are other factors that make this first Palm Sunday for me special, not only has the church had a major change by electing a new Pope, Pope Francis but I am also in the middle of a new beginning. I have been going through the process of becoming Catholic since November of last year and my big exciting day is in the horizon, I will take my sacraments and become Catholic Easter eve at the Easter Vigil. To say that I am excited is an understatement but to say I am ready to live the life of a Christian and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ would be accurate. In the reading of the Passion on Palm Sunday we sat intensely and as one and heard of Christ triumph entrance into Jerusalem, in which his supporters greeted him as the coming messiah, the last supper with his disciples and hours after when he was betrayed by Judas and arrested on Holy Thursday, the crucifixion of Christ came on Good Friday and the resurrection on Easter Sunday. After the reading the pastor gave his homely and he asked that we reflect on Jesus and his death on the cross. I decided to take the symbolic approach to this reading for myself. I look at Jesus on the cross and his suffering for the life that he gave all of us.  The cross represents the call to absolute surrender, in my journey that I am on, I have surrendered my heart and soul to Jesus Christ. My heart is full at this time of excitement and the feeling of being part of a community and sharing this wonderful event in my life with loving and supportive friends from my CTU community and my personal life. Words cannot describe the joy and peacefulness that I am feeling, I have encountered some people here at CTU that are defiantly god’s children and their light shines so brightly that I have opened up my heart to receive their offerings, their light, Jesus light.


Valerie D. Holloway |  Enrollment Management- Assistant to the Director/ Enrollment Management Department-Administrative Assistant |   Catholic Theological Union  |  5416 S. Cornell Ave.  |  Chicago, IL 60615  |  USA

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Feb 04, 2013

The first month of the New Year has come and gone, where exactly did the month of January go? It seems like our spirits were so jolly a few weeks ago, we were drinking champagne and saying “Happy New Year” to everyone we came across (not me because I don’t partake in alcoholic beverages). Continuing on the theme of some of my previous blogs, what I aspire for the New Year, is to treat my fellow man or woman with respect and hope that they reciprocate and do the same. We started off the New Year here at CTU, showing how our love and respect for one another is still alive and well. We had a celebration for one of our employees, she is a fixture at CTU, and she has actually been with the CTU community for over 20 years. Her spirits were low and the community, which is CTU, noticed and put into motion a flash mob celebration. The reason I bring this up is because although initially this was for one person, we all ended up celebrating and remembering why we love CTU as much as we do. This was one of those real fuzzy moments that you hope would linger for more than just a few minutes, and it did – this was two weeks ago and we are all still talking about how much it meant to all of us. Remember, treat or at least try to treat your fellow man with kindness and love, it is really not that hard.


Valerie D. Holloway |  Enrollment Management- Assistant to the Director/ Enrollment Management Department-Administrative Assistant |   Catholic Theological Union  |  5416 S. Cornell Ave.  |  Chicago, IL 60615  |  USA

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Dec 10, 2012

This question was posed to me a couple of weeks ago by a CTU student. I stopped and thought to myself, “How do I answer this question?”  I wondered whether I would be able to articulate my feeling and thoughts in a way they would reveal my true self.  The truth to that question was, “of course.”

Some would think that this is a loaded question, but in reality it is a simple one. I walk with my spirituality every day by consciously treating my fellow man or woman the way that I want to be treated. It sounds so easy but it can be a struggle sometimes.  We are so busy with our everyday lives that we do not see each other; I mean really see each other. Think about this: we all have encounters daily that irritate us and sometimes we do not react in the Christian way. The thing is, we know better. We know how to love our neighbor but we don’t always display that. We look at TV and see the hardship of someone we don’t even know and we exude sympathy and empathy for them, but we cannot treat the people we stand next to every day with kindness and love.  

For me, walking in my spirituality is knowing that this thing we call life is a privilege and it should always be treated that way. It is my inner path, the place I feel the safest, and where my spiritual well-being lives. I am not saying we should all walk around like Pollyanna, but the truth is, would it be so bad?

 Stop and ask yourself: “How do I walk in my spirituality?” See what answer you give and then go deeper and ask yourself whether you live this spirituality every day, some days or never? There is no wrong or right answer; just something for all of us to ponder.

Valerie D. Holloway |  Enrollment Management- Assistant to the Director/ Enrollment Management Department-Administrative Assistant-773-371-5451 or

Nov 05, 2012

    Reading week has come and gone. I am hoping that your time away was spent catching up on reading that you had for your classes and or taking some well deserved time off to reflect. Many of you have 2, 3 4, and even 5 classes.  I have one class—one, that is all. So clearly I really have no reason to have lost my mind a few weeks ago. Here is a funny story that some of you might be able to relate to. But if you can’t no worries I could not either, I am just hoping you have a good laugh.

I first met Melissa last year when she came to CTU for a visit with her friend. I gave them a tour, and they both went to sit in on a class taught by Professor Laurie Brink. Now Melissa is a new student here at CTU, and also working with our Enrollment Management department. Melissa is working with me and in her role as our department assistant, Melissa is awesome, funny, intelligent and most of all a great worker. Melissa sometimes helps me with filing. On this particular day she came to me and said that she could not find files for a few people.  I looked at one of the documents and said to her, “Oh, I know where this person’s file is,” and then I got to the final few and I said “Oh, Melissa Carnall, She decided not to come.” This is where it became clear that I was not dealing with a full deck of cards. To those of you who are paying close attention I was talking to Mellissa Carnall! I looked at her and saw a grin on her face. I saw this and I said “Oh, you know her?” The grin now became a full smile-- then I proceeded to say, “Oh, she is a friend of yours?” Melissa just looked at me.  This time her brow was furrowed and she was laughing. I looked at her and we both just fell over laughing. She thought I was playing but I was serious, very serious. We both repeated the story and again just kept laughing at the sheer disbelief that all of that had taken place. We were both bent over in a belly crunch screeching laugh. We then decided to take this comic show on the road, and headed to find Angela. I knew that Angela would see my plight and know that I was not crazy. We told Angela the story and she too laughed. We realized that I had a momentary brain lapse.  Angela quickly put it all into prospective and said, “Valerie, you just have too much on your mind!” I appreciate Angela and her words but even today, I’m not so sure! While we take our studies seriously at CTU, moments like this remind us not to take ourselves too seriously!

Valerie D. Holloway | Enrollment Management- Assistant to the Director

Sep 28, 2012

We have now been back to school at CTU for 3 weeks and it seems like we never ended. I am thrilled to walk through the halls of the third floor and see the students studying, having a bite to eat or just chatting with new and old friends that they have met in the atrium. By definition an atrium is a large open space within a building usually with a glass roof; I pose this question to you - have any of you looked up to see that our atrium has a glass roof? This glass roof lets in all the glorious sunshine that the world has to offer us daily.  At CTU we take those little special tidbits of life and we share them with each other, our community. CTU widely uses that word to describe our humble existence as community; I am hoping that since you have started your academic exploration here you have adopted that word as well.  The CTU community has welcomed back some old favorite faces, like Eduardo, Christopher, Kristin, and Saleha and some new ones like Melissa, Bernadette, and Alexis. If I have not mentioned some of you in this blog, no worries you know who you are. I just want to say, we are blessed to have you here!


Valerie H.