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Nov 05, 2012

    Reading week has come and gone. I am hoping that your time away was spent catching up on reading that you had for your classes and or taking some well deserved time off to reflect. Many of you have 2, 3 4, and even 5 classes.  I have one class—one, that is all. So clearly I really have no reason to have lost my mind a few weeks ago. Here is a funny story that some of you might be able to relate to. But if you can’t no worries I could not either, I am just hoping you have a good laugh.

I first met Melissa last year when she came to CTU for a visit with her friend. I gave them a tour, and they both went to sit in on a class taught by Professor Laurie Brink. Now Melissa is a new student here at CTU, and also working with our Enrollment Management department. Melissa is working with me and in her role as our department assistant, Melissa is awesome, funny, intelligent and most of all a great worker. Melissa sometimes helps me with filing. On this particular day she came to me and said that she could not find files for a few people.  I looked at one of the documents and said to her, “Oh, I know where this person’s file is,” and then I got to the final few and I said “Oh, Melissa Carnall, She decided not to come.” This is where it became clear that I was not dealing with a full deck of cards. To those of you who are paying close attention I was talking to Mellissa Carnall! I looked at her and saw a grin on her face. I saw this and I said “Oh, you know her?” The grin now became a full smile-- then I proceeded to say, “Oh, she is a friend of yours?” Melissa just looked at me.  This time her brow was furrowed and she was laughing. I looked at her and we both just fell over laughing. She thought I was playing but I was serious, very serious. We both repeated the story and again just kept laughing at the sheer disbelief that all of that had taken place. We were both bent over in a belly crunch screeching laugh. We then decided to take this comic show on the road, and headed to find Angela. I knew that Angela would see my plight and know that I was not crazy. We told Angela the story and she too laughed. We realized that I had a momentary brain lapse.  Angela quickly put it all into prospective and said, “Valerie, you just have too much on your mind!” I appreciate Angela and her words but even today, I’m not so sure! While we take our studies seriously at CTU, moments like this remind us not to take ourselves too seriously!

Valerie D. Holloway | Enrollment Management- Assistant to the Director