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Spring Semester 2015

Final course schedule subject to change. Semester begins February 9 and ends May 20, 2015. To refer back to the course codes, click here.

Download Spring 2015 schedule here. Current students can login and register by clicking here.

Class Schedule
Course IDCourse Title & CommentsInstructor NameMeeting TimesCrdBeginsEnds
B4005-1Book of Jeremiah, (Area Req.)
Prereq: B4203
J R BarkerTu 7:00-9:45p Rm 33532/9/20155/20/2015
B4203-1Introduction to the Old TestamentJ R BarkerMo 9:00-11:00a Rm 33922/9/20155/20/2015
B4205-1Introduction to the New TestamentD SeniorTu 7:00-9:00p Rm 33922/9/20155/20/2015
B4205-2Introduction to the New Testament
Online: Meets Feb. 16 - May 20
v Nguyen 22/16/20154/20/2015
B4300-1Biblical HebrewL J HoppeMo/Tu/We/Th 4:00-5:00p Rm 33132/9/20155/20/2015
B4311-1Deuteronomistic History: The Former Prophets, (Area Req.)
Prerequisite B4203
L J HoppeMo 1:00-3:45p Rm 33532/9/20155/20/2015
Prerequisite B4203; Area Req.
M SimkovichWe 7:00-9:45p Rm 33332/9/20155/20/2015
B4407-1Gospel According to John
Prerequisite B4205; Area Req.
L A BrinkTu 8:30-11:15a Rm 33332/9/20155/20/2015
B4410-1Christian Origins and the Pauline Mission
(Area Req.); Prerequiste: B4205
L A BrinkWe 1:00-3:45p Rm 33532/9/20155/20/2015
B5512Biblical Methods
Prerequisite: B4203 & B4205
J R BarkerTh 8:30-11:15a  32/9/20155/20/2015
C4008-1Buddhist-Christian DialogueC R StrainWe 7:00-9:45p Rm 33132/9/20155/20/2015
CS4010-1Spirituality, Ministry and Survivors of Human Rights Abuses
ICSM Area Req.
C M BarbourTu 7:00-9:45p Rm 33332/9/20155/20/2015
CW4301-1Initiation and Contextualization
Prerequisite: W4200
R SchroederMo 8:30-11:15a Rm 33532/9/20155/20/2015
D4015-1Theology of PriesthoodS B BevansTu 8:30-11:15a Rm 33932/9/20155/20/2015
Online Course
R Ryan 32/9/20155/20/2015
D5001-1Theology of Edward SchillebeeckxA D SisonWe 1:00-3:45p Rm 33132/9/20155/20/2015
DC4100-1Trinity and Mission: The God of Jesus ChristA D SisonMo 7:00-9:45p Rm 33932/9/20155/20/2015
DC4200-1Christology and CultureR J SchreiterMo 1:00-3:45p Rm 33932/9/20155/20/2015
DC6001-1History of Religions and Comparative Theology
S C Alexander 32/9/20155/20/2015
DE5200-1Methods in Theology and EthicsR J SchreiterWe 7:00-9:45p Rm 33732/9/20155/20/2015
DSC5200-1Latin@ Methods in TheologyC M NankoTu 7:00-9:45p Rm 30432/9/20155/20/2015
E4000-1Introduction to Moral Theology
R WolfeWe 7:00-9:45p Rm 33932/9/20155/20/2015
E4405-1Sexual Ethics for the Christian
Meets Feb. 11 to April 8; Prerequisite: E 4000 Introduction to Moral Theology; Can be taken for 2-3 Credit hours.
R WolfeWe 1:00-3:45p Rm 3372-32/11/20154/8/2015
E4406-1Current Catholic Social Thought: Just War or Just Policing?D NothwehrTu 1:00-3:45p Rm 33732/9/20155/20/2015
E5200-1Seminar in the Ethics of Power and Racial JusticeD NothwehrWe 8:30-11:15a Rm 33132/920155/20/2015
E5208-1Conscience: Historical and Contemporary ViewsR WolfeTu 7:00-9:45p Rm 33732/9/20155/20/2015
F4995-1Emmaus Formation Introductory Workshop
Required for all New Emmaus Students
Emmaus StaffSa 9:00a-12:30p Rm 30402/28/20152/28/2015
F4995-2Emmaus Formation Introductory Workshop
Online: Required for all New Emmaus Students
Emmaus Staff 02/20/20153/25/2015
F4998-1Formation Theological Retreat
Meets Feb. 27: Silent Retreat
Emmaus StaffFr 9:00a-3:00p, CTU 210 ABC02/27/20152/27/2015
F4998-2Formation Theological Retreat
Meets April 11: Presenter M. Francis
M FrancisSa 9:00a-3:00p Rm 210 ABC04/11/20154/11/2015
F4999-1Theological Reflection Group
Meets Mar. 2, 9, & 16
Emmaus StaffMo 5:15-6:45p Rm 30403/2/20153/16/2015
F4999-2Theological Reflection Group
Meets April 1, 8 & 15
Emmaus StaffWe 11:30a-12:45p Rm 30404/1/20154/15/2015
F4999-3Theological Reflection Group
Meets Mar. 31 & April 7, 14
Emmaus StaffTu 5:15-6:45p Rm 30403/31/20154/14/2015
F4999-4Theological Reflection Group
Meets Mar. 4, 11 & 18
Emmaus StaffWe 5:15-6:45p Rm 30403/4/20153/18/2015
F4999-6Theological Reflection Group
Meets Mar. 7
Emmaus StaffSa 9:00a-3:00p Rm Wilmette03/7/20153/7/2015
F4999-8Theological Reflection Group
Meets April 18: at CTU
Emmaus StaffSa 9:00a-3:00p Rm TBA04/18/20154/18/2015
F4999-9Theological Reflection Group
Online: Meets Feb. 20 - Mar. 25
Emmaus Staff 02/20/20153/25/2015
F4999-10Theological Reflection Group
Romero Scholars
M A Lopez 02/9/20155/20/2015
F4999-11Theological Reflection Group
Tolton Scholars
V White 02/9/20155/20/2015
FA4001-1Foundations: Doing Theology
Lecture Series Class
S B BevansMo 7:00-8:00p Rm 210B-C Mo 8:15-9:15p Rm 33522/9/20155/20/2015
FP4001-1Foundations: Theology and Practice of MinistryC M NankoTh 9:00-11:00a Rm 33922/9/20155/20/2015
FT4001-1Foundations: Understanding Christian TraditionR SchroederWe 7:00-9:00p Rm 33522/9/20155/20/2015
H4006-1History of the World Christian Movement 7th - 20th CenturiesK ScottMo 1:00-3:45p Rm 30432/9/20155/20/2015
I5310-1MAPS and MAs in Specialized Ministry: Pastoral Project or Professional Paper
Program Director's Signature Required
E D Crowley 22/9/20155/20/2015
I5311-1Capstone Seminar: MAPS/MAs in Specialized Ministry
Instructor's Permission Required for Registration
M AndraosOnline24/8/20155/20/2015
I5998-1Educating for Witness: Methods SeminarT BowerTh 10:00a-12:45p Rm 33332/9/20155/20/2015
I6010-1DMin Core IIM FrohlichTu 1:00-3:45p Rm 33332/9/20155/20/2015
K2013-1Lecture Series: Foundations: Doing Theology
Full Lecture Series
S B BevansMo 7:00-8:00p Rm 210B-C02/9/20155/20/2015
K2013-2Lecture Series: Foundations: Doing Theology
1st Lecture Only
S B BevansMo 7:00-8:00p Rm 210B-C02/9/20155/20/2015
M4203B-1MDIV Ministry Practicum - Spring Session
FP4001 is a Prerequiste; YR1, YR1b, YR1c, YR1d required
C ZakerTu 9:00-10:30a32/9/20155/20/2015
M4203B-2MDIV Ministry Practicum - Spring Session
FP4001 is a Prerequiste; YR1, YR1b, YR1c, YR1d required
C ZakerTu 3:00-4:30p32/9/20155/20/2015
M4204A-1Ministry Practicum for Specialized MAsC ZakerTu 5:30-7pm22/9/20155/20/2015
M4204A-2Ministry Practicum for Specialized MAsC ZakerTu 4:30-8:00p22/9/20155/20/2015
M4204JB-1Capstone Paper for MA in Justice Ministry: Part BC Zaker 22/9/20155/20/2015
M4208-1Pastoral Immersion for a semesterC Zaker 32/9/20155/20/2015
M4209-1Pastoral Immersion for an Academic Year
Must See the Field Ed. Director after registration
C Zaker 62/9/20155/20/2015
M4950-1CPEC Zaker 32/9/20155/20/2015
M4970i-1Cross Cultural Pastoral Year - ImmersionC Zaker 62/9/20155/20/2015
MP4020-1Introduction to Pastoral Counseling
Area Req.
G Chen-McCloneWe 8:30-11:15a Rm 33532/9/20155/20/2015
MP4310d-1Facilities and Financial ManagementO EasterFr 9:00a-4:00p Rm 33903/6/20153/6/2015
MP4310e-1Public Relations and MarketingO EasterFr 9:00a-4:00p Rm 33904/10/20154/10/2015
MP4310f-1Stewardship and FundraisingO EasterFr 9:00a-4:00p Rm 33905/1/20155/1/2015
MP5103-1Pastoral Ministry in Healthcare ContextsK McCloneMo 7:00-9:45p Rm 33132/9/20155/20/2015
P2102-1History of Modern PhilosophyJ GriffithTu 1:00-3:45p Rm 33132/9/20155/20/2015
P2103-1Contemporary PhilosophyH E StarkTh 1:00-3:45p Rm 33132/9/20155/20/2015
P2403-1Philosophical Texts: International Readings in Political PhilosophyH E StarkFr 1:00-3:45p Rm 33132/9/20155/20/2015
S4001-1Spiritual Companioning for Ministry
P CoughlinMo 7:00-9:45p Rm 33732/9/20155/20/2015
S5011-1Spirituality of Religious Life
Online Course
M Cimperman 32/9/20155/20/2015
S5101-1Foundations and Methods for the Study of SpiritualiltyM FrohlichTh  8:30-11:15a Rm 33732/9/20155/20/2015
S5110-1Spiritual Formation SeminarV WhiteMo 1:00-3:45p Rm 33732/9/20155/20/2015
SB4520-1Biblical Foundations of SpiritualityS LatkovichTu 1:00-3:45p Rm 33932/9/20155/20/2015
SMP4020-1A Biblical Approach to Mental Health, an Overview
Online Course: Starts Feb. 17; Fulfills elective hours only
K J Kaplan 32/17/20155/20/2015
W4200-1Sacraments I: Initiation and ReconciliationR FragomeniWe 8:30-11:15a Rm TBA32/9/20155/20/2015
W4200-2Sacraments I: Initiation and Reconciliation
Online Course
E D Crowley 32/9/20155/20/2015
W4201-1Sacraments II: Eucharist and Sacramental TheologyE FoleyWe 1:00-3:45p Rm 40432/9/20155/20/2015
W4209-1Preaching IR FragomeniMo 1:00-3:45p Rm 40432/9/20155/20/2015
W4210-1Preaching 2R FragomeniTh 9:00-11:00a Rm 304/40422/9/20155/20/2015
W5210-1Liturgical CatechesisG OstdiekWe 1:00-3:45p Rm 33332/9/20155/20/2015
WMP4000B-1Communication Skills for Ministry: Digital Media Arts
Online Course
E D Crowley 12/9/20155/20/2015
WS5105-1Liturgical Year Prayed and PreachedE FoleyMo 1:00-3:45p Rm 33332/9/20155/20/2015
YR1b-1Year I Workshop: Issues in Human SexualityK McCloneFr 9:00a-4:00p03/17/20153/17/2015
YR1c-1Year I Workshop: Professional Standards
M.Div & MAPS students: Meets March 11
TBAFr 9:00a-4:00p03/13/20153/13/2015
YR1d-1M4203 - Ministry Practicum Orientation and Interviews
For students intending to do Ministry Practicum in the following academic year
C Zaker 02/9/20155/20/2015