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Melody Layton McMahon

Melody Layton McMahon

Director of the Paul Bechtold Library

Professor, Theological Research and Bibliography

M.S., School of Library Service, Columbia University; M.A., St. Mary Seminary and Graduate School of Theology

Melody has been The Director of the Paul Bechtold Library since 2008. Though she has pursued her vocation in music libraries (Juilliard, Cleveland Institute of Music) and in a liberal arts setting (John Carroll University), theological librarianship has been a constant interest throughout her career. She has been an active participant in the Ohio Theological Library Association and the American Theological Library Association. Melody is involved in the Association of Chicago Theological Schools’ Library Council and the Chicago Area Theological Library Association. In 2012, she was elected to the Board of Directors of the American Theological Library Association and in 2013, to the position of Vice-President.
Her own work as a librarian is strongly influenced by her belief that she has a vocation, is called by God to be a theological librarian. This call includes her love of Martha and the ideals of hospitality, some ideas from theosis, and the feeling that one way to mirror the image of God is to continue to grow in knowledge and to facilitate this in others.
In recent years, Melody’s vocational interests have extended into writing, including numerous reviews and articles in Theological Education, Theological Librarianship, In Trust, and Catholic Library World. She co-edited an anthology of writings on theological librarianship (A Broadening Conversation: Classic Readings in Theological Librarianship, 2006) and edited Never Enough Singing: Essays in Honor of Seth Kasten, 2011. Her book, An Enthusiasm for the Word: The Life and Work of Fr Simeon Daly was published in April 2016. She is co-editor of CTU’s online journal, New Theology Review and served as the Critical Reviews Editor for the online journal Theological Librarianship: An Online Journal of the American Theological Library Association. Melody has been a participant in a Lilly grant, Christians’ Callings in the World, which involved over thirty faculty members from five institutions studying ways to educate ministers to equip parish members to carry out their own vocations. For this project, she began a website on vocation resources for lay people.
Melody is an evangelist for open access scholarship and is a regular presenter on the topic, As well as the Library as Publisher Movement. She teaches a course on writing and research at CTU.

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