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Fall Semester 2014

Final course schedule subject to change. Semester begins September 2 and ends December 9, 2014. To refer back to the course codes, click here.

Download fall 2014 schedule here. Current students can login and register by clicking here.

Course IDCourse NameInstructorTimeCredStartsEnds
DS6210-1Reconciliation and ForgivenessR J SchreiterW 1:00p-3:45p, Rm.33939/2/1412/9/14
I6005-1D. Min. Core I
Intensive Session Meets Aug. 20-23 & Aug. 27-28
M FrohlichTu 1:00p-3:45p, Rm.33338/20/1412/9/14
Prerequisite B4203
D BergantM 8:30a-11:15a, Rm.33739/2/1412/9/14
B4003i-1In the Footsteps of Paul: Greece & Turkey
TRAVEL course
L J Hoppe 39/2/1412/9/14
B4205-1Introduction to the New Testament
Meets Sept. 10, 17, 24; Oct. 1, 8, 22, 29; Nov. 5
v NguyenW 8:30a-11:15a, Rm.33529/10/1411/5/14
B4321i-1Book of Exodus
Travel Seminar
J R BarkerTravel39/2/1412/9/14
B4402-1The Gospel of Mark
(Area Req.), Prerequiste: B4205
L A BrinkTu 8:30a-11:15a, Rm.33939/2/1412/9/14
B4422i-1History and Archaeology of the Bible I (Israel and Palestine)
Travel Seminar
L J HoppeTravel39/2/1412/9/14
B4423i-1History and Archaeology of the Bible II (Jordan and Egypt)
Travel Seminar
L J HoppeTravel39/2/1412/9/14
BC4503-1Biblical Foundations for the Church’s Universal and Inclusive Mission
Prerequisites B4203 & B4205
D Senior
W 7:00p
9:45p, Rm.210B-C
BH5010-1Early Christian Literature
Prerequisite B4205
L A BrinkM 1:00p-3:45p, Rm.33539/2/1412/9/14
D4017-1Karl Barth and Thomas Aquinas: God in Act and BeingS PaethM 1:00p-3:45p, Rm.33339/2/1412/9/14
D4018-1The Global Call of Religious LifeM CimpermanW 1:00p-3:45p, Rm.39/2/1412/9/14
D4202-1Ecclesiology and Mariology
Area Req.
R RyanW 8:30a-11:15a, Rm.33739/2/1412/9/14
D4202-2Ecclesiology and Mariology
Online Course: Area Req.
A D SisonOnline39/2/1412/9/14
D5006-1Introduction to the Thought of Bernard LonerganE C AhnerW 7:00p-9:45p, Rm.30439/2/1412/9/14
DS4210-1Reconciliation and ForgivenessR J SchreiterW 1:00p-3:45p, Rm.33939/2/1412/9/14
E4315-1Medical Ethics
Prerequisite: E 4000 Introduction to Moral Theology
M CimpermanM 1:00p-3:45p, Rm.33339/2/1412/9/14
E5107-1Catholic Environmental Ethics: Sources, Norm, and IssuesD NothwehrTu 7:00p-9:45p, Rm.30439/2/1412/9/14
E5204-1Love & JusticeD NothwehrM 8:30a-11:15a, Rm.30439/2/1412/9/14
FP4001-1Foundations: Theology and Practice of MinistryE FoleyTu 7:00p-9:00p, Rm.33929/2/1412/9/14
FR4001-1Foundations: Religious Experience in Context
Meets Sept. 17, 24; Oct. 1, 8, 22, 29; Nov. 5, 12
P EstepaW 7:00p-9:45p, Rm.33729/17/1411/12/14
FR4001-2Foundations: Religious Experience in Context
Online Course: Begins Sept. 29
G Cavazos-GonzálezOnline29/29/1412/9/14
H4004-1Catholicism in the U.S.: Historical and Theological PerspectivesM C AthansTh 10:00a-12:45p, Rm.30439/2/1412/9/14
I4310A MAPS Colloqium: Culture Online29/2/149/30/14
EMP4100-1Catholic Social Teaching and Mission: Living the Values of the Reign of GodJ PawlikowskiTu 7:00p-9:45p, Rm.33539/2/1412/9/14
WS4100-1Liturgy, Contemplation, and Mission: Ecclesial Spirituality
Highly recommended to have had Spirituality & Liturgy courses
G OstdiekTu 1:00p-3:45p, Rm.33739/2/1412/9/14
C4007-1Intercultural Ministry: A Global OverviewP EstepaTu 8:30a-11:15a, Rm.33339/2/1412/9/14
C4009-1Hinduism and Hindu-Christian Dialogue (CANCELLED)D Gitomer    
C4309-1Mission Integration
Meets Sept. 2, 30; Oct. 7, 21, 28; Nov. 11, 18, 25
R SchroederTu 1:00p-3:45p, Rm.33529/2/1411/25/14
C4325-1Introduction to JudaismM SimkovichM 1:00p-3:45p, Rm.33139/2/1412/9/14
C4700-1Praxis for Cross-Cultural Transformation
ICSM Area Req.
Joanne Jaruko Doi and Roger SchroederM 7:00p-9:45p, Rm.33339/2/1412/9/14
C5002-1The Prophet Muhammad and the Qur'an
ICSM Area Req.
Scott Alexander and Ghulam-Haider AasiW 7:00p-9:45p, Rm.33739/2/1412/9/14
C5020-1Christianity in the Middle East
ICSM Area Req.
M AndraosW 1:00p-3:45p, Rm.33739/2/1412/9/14
CD5210-1Theology of Interreligious DialogueM AndraosTh 8:30a-11:15a, Rm.33139/2/1412/9/14
D.Min. and MA students only; others by permission of the instructor.
R J SchreiterM 8:30a-11:15a, Rm.33939/2/1412/9/14
CS5030-1The Spirituality of Lakota-Christian Dialogue
ICSM Area Req.
C M BarbourTu 7:00p-9:45p, Rm.33739/2/1412/9/14
CPE4950-1CPE Information Session (P/F)
Meets in Oct.
C Zaker 09/2/1412/9/14
M4201-1Immersion Re-Entry Program
MDiv students returning from Summer Immersion (CPE/Intensive Placements)
C Zaker 09/2/1412/9/14
M4203A-1MDIV Ministry Practicum - Fall Session
FP4001 is a Prerequiste; YR1, YR1b, YR1c, YR1d required
C ZakerTu 9:00a-10:30a, Rm.39/2/1412/9/14
M4203A-2MDIV Ministry Practicum - Fall Session
FP4001 is a Prerequiste; YR1, YR1b, YR1c, YR1d required
C ZakerTu 3:00p-4:30p, Rm.39/2/1412/9/14
M4204A-1Ministry Practicum for Specialized MAsC ZakerTu 3:00p-4:30p, Rm.29/2/1412/9/14
M4204A-2Ministry Practicum for Specialized MAsC ZakerTu 6:30p-8:00p, Rm.29/2/1412/9/14
M4204JA-1Ministry Practicum for MA in Justice Ministry: Part A
Must take Workshops JR1b and YR1c before doing Ministry
C Zaker 39/2/1412/9/14
M4208-1Pastoral Immersion for a semester (P/F)C Zaker 39/2/1412/9/14
M4209-1Pastoral Immersion for an Academic Year
Must See the Field Ed. Director after registration
C Zaker 69/2/1412/9/14
M4950-1CPE (P/F)C Zaker 39/2/1412/9/14
M4970i-1Cross Cultural Pastoral Year - Immersion (P/F)C Zaker 69/2/1412/9/14
MPC4103-1Pastoral Ministry in U.S. Hispanic/Latino(a) Contexts
Online Course; (Area Req.)
C M Nanko-FernándezOnline39/2/1412/9/14
MP4306-1Pastoral Ministry: Developing Skills and Competencies for Cooperative LeadershipK McCloneM 8:30a-11:15a, Rm.33539/2/1412/9/14
MPC5103-1Pastoral Ministry in U.S. Hispanic/Latino(a) Contexts
Online; (Area Req.)
C M Nanko-FernándezOnline39/2/1412/9/14
S5015-1Psychology and Spiritual FormationM FrohlichTh 8:30a-11:15a, Rm.33739/2/1412/9/14
S5101-1Foundations and Methods for the Study of SpiritualiltyG Cavazos-GonzálezM 7:00p-9:45p, Rm.33139/2/1412/9/14
S5970-1Independent Study:
In Spanish
G Cavazos-GonzálezTu 7:00p-9:45p, Rm.210B-C39/2/1412/9/14
SMP4311-1Spirituality of Lay Vocation and MinistryV WhiteM 4:00p-6:45p, Rm.33739/2/1412/9/14
SMPC5132-1Black Spirituality as Source for MinistryV WhiteTu 7:00p-9:45p, Rm.33339/2/1412/9/14
SMP4020-1A Biblical Approach to Mental Health, an Overview
Online Course: Starts Sept. 9; Fulfills elective hours only
K J KaplanOnline39/9/1412/16/14
W4201-1Sacraments II: Eucharist and Sacramental TheologyR McCarronTu 7:00p-9:45p, Rm.33739/2/1412/9/14
W4205-1Lay Leadership of Prayer and Preaching (P/F)
Recommended to be taken LATER in one's program;  Prerequistes - for MDIV Students: W4200 and W4201; for MAPS Students: W4200 or W4201
R McCarronM 1:00p-3:45p, Rm.304/40439/2/1412/9/14
W4207-1Presiding IE FoleyW 1:00p-3:45p, Rm.40439/2/1412/9/14
W4208-1Presiding 2P HorriganTu 9:00a-11:00a, Rm.30429/2/1412/9/14
W5230-1Liturgical MethodsR McCarronTh 8:30a-11:15a, Rm.33339/2/1412/9/14
WS5225-1Worship, Spirituality and Digital Media ArtsE D CrowleyW 7:00p-9:45p, Rm.33339/2/1412/9/14
MA2210-1Research and Writing Skills for Graduate Theological Education (P/F)M L Layton-McMahonW 4:00p-6:00p, Rm.33129/2/1412/9/14
P2100-1History of Ancient PhilosophyP O'ConnorTh 1:00p-3:45p, Rm.33139/2/1412/9/14
P2301-1Perspectives in the Philosophy of DeathH E StarkTu 7:00p-9:45p, Rm.33139/2/1412/9/14
K2012-1Lecture Series: Biblical Foundations for the Church’s Universal and Inclusive Mission
Full Lecture Series
D SeniorW 7:00p-8:15p, Rm.210B-C09/2/1412/9/14
K2012-2Lecture Series: Biblical Foundations for the Church’s Universal and Inclusive Mission
1st Lecture Only
D SeniorW 7:00p-8:15p, Rm.210B-C09/2/149/2/14
MP4310a-1Leadership StylesO EasterF 9:00a-4:00p, Rm.339010/10/1410/10/14
MP4310b-1Workplace Relations
Meets on 11/21
O EasterF 9:00a-4:00p, Rm.339011/21/201411/21/14
MP4310c-1Personnel Issues
Meets on 11/7
O EasterF 9:00a-4:00p, Rm.339011/7/1411/7/14
YR1-1Virtus Training Workshop
ALL MDiv Year I Students: MUST Sign Up Online at as well
K O'Kelly 09/2/1412/9/14
YR2-1Theological Reflection Workshop
For Students Enrolled in M4203A, Ministry Practicum
C Zaker 09/2/1412/9/14