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Fall Semester 2013

Final course schedule subject to change. Semester begins September 3 and ends December 16, 2013.

Click here to download a copy of the Fall Course Schedule.

Fall 2013 Class Schedule as of Nov. 1, 2013

Class Schedule
Course IDCourse Title & CommentsInstructor NameMeeting TimesCrdBeginsEnds
B4003i-1In the Footsteps of Paul: Greece & Turkey
TRAVEL course
L A Brink 39/3/201312/9/2012
B4203-1Introduction to the Old TestamentJ R BarkerTu 7:00-9:00p Rm 33529/3/201312/9/2012
B4205-1Introduction to the New TestamentHoracio VelaMo 9:00-11:00a Rm 33529/3/201312/9/2012
B4301-1Old Testament Narrative Literature
Prerequiste: B4203; Area Req.
J R BarkerTh 8:30-11:15a Rm 33539/3/201312/9/2012
B4407-1Gospel According to John
Prerequisite B4205; Area Req.
N D PardeeWe 7:00-9:45p Rm 33539/3/201312/9/2013
B4408-1Acts of the Apostles
Prerequisite: B4305; Area Req.
v NguyenMo 1:00-3:45p Rm 33539/3/201312/9/2013
B4412-1Portraits of Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels
Online Course; Prerequisite B4205; Area Req.
v Nguyen 39/9/201312/13/2013
B4417i-1Jerusalem: The Holy City (Israel)
Travel Seminar
L J Hoppe 39/3/201312/9/2013
B4422i-1History and Archaeology of the Bible I (Israel and Palestine)
Travel Seminar, Prerequisite B4001
L J Hoppe 39/3/201312/9/2012
B4423i-1History and Archaeology of the Bible II (Jordan and Egypt)
Travel Seminar, Prerequisite B4001
L J Hoppe 39/3/201312/9/2012
BD5510-1Feminist Hermeneutics in Bible and Theology
Prerequisite: B4203 & B4205; Auditors with permission from professors
Barbara Reid and Steve BevansTu 1:00-3:45p Rm 33339/3/201312/9/2013
C4700-1Praxis for Cross-Cultural Transformation
ICSM Area Req.
Claude Marie Barbour and Roger SchroederTu 7:00-9:45p Rm 33339/3/201312/9/2012
CD5210-1Theology of Interreligious DialogueR J SchreiterTh 8:30-11:15a Rm 33739/3/201312/9/2013
CH5322-1The History of Muslim-Christian Relations
Online Course; ICSM Area Req.
Scott Alexander and Ghulam-Haider Aasi 39/3/201312/9/2013
CPE4950-1CPE Information SessionM Schramm 09/3/201312/9/2013
CS5030-1The Spirituality of Lakota-Christian Dialogue
ICSM Area Req.
C M BarbourWe 7:00-9:45p Rm 33739/3/201312/9/2012
D4200-1ChristologyA D SisonMo 7:00-9:45p Rm 33339/3/201312/9/2012
D4202-1Ecclesiology and Mariology
Area Req.
J De MesaMo 8:30-11:15a Rm 33739/3/201312/9/2012
DS5205-1The Theology and Spirituality of Karl Rahner. Meets Sept. 3 - Oct. 10J J BacikTu/Th 8:30-11:15a Rm 30439/3/201312/9/2013
DS4017-1Religious Life for the 21st Century: ‘Creating Communities of Hope on a Global Scale’M CimpermanWe 1:00-3:45p Rm 33539/3/201312/9/2013
DS4210-1Reconciliation and ForgivenessR J SchreiterMo 7:00-9:45p Rm 33539/3/201312/9/2012
DS6210-1Reconciliation and Forgiveness
DMin Students
R J SchreiterMo 7:00-9:45p Rm 33539/3/201312/9/2012
E4000-1Introduction to Moral Theology
Prerequisite: FA4001 for Pastoral MAs and MDIV, Recommended: Intro. to OT or NT
R WolfeMo 7:00-9:45p Rm 33139/3/201312/9/2012
E4315-1Medical Ethics
Prerequisite: E4000
R WolfeTu 7:00-9:45p Rm 30439/3/201312/16/2013
E5100-1Holocaust and Genocide: Ethical ReflectionsJ PawlikowskiTu 8:30-11:15a Rm 33339/3/201312/16/2013
EMP4100-1Catholic Social Teaching and Mission: Living the Values of the Reign of GodJ PawlikowskiWe 10:00a-12:45p Rm 33739/3/201312/9/2012
F4994-1Advanced Formation Opportunity
Taken after successful completion of 6 semesters of Formation; Approval Needed of the Emmaus Directors
Emmaus Staff 09/3/201312/9/2013
F4995-1Emmaus Formation Introductory Workshop
Meets Sept. 20; Required for all New Emmaus Students
Emmaus StaffFr 1:00-4:30p09/20/20139/20/2013
F4995-2Emmaus Formation Introductory Workshop
Meets Sept. 28; Required for all New Emmaus Students
Emmaus StaffSa 9:00a-12:30p09/28/20139/28/2013
F4995-3Emmaus Formation Introductory Workshop
Online Session; Meets Sept. 30 - Oct. 28; Required for all New Emmaus Students
Emmaus Staff 09/30/201310/28/2013
F4998-1Formation Theological Retreat
Meets Sept. 21
Emmaus StaffSa 9:00a-3:00p09/21/20139/21/2013
F4998-2Formation Theological Retreat
Meets Nov. 2
Emmaus StaffSa 9:00a-3:00p011/2/201311/2/2013
F4998-3Formation Theological Retreat
Romero Scholars Retreat
TBASa 8:00a-5:00p08/24/20138/24/2013
F4999-1Theological Reflection Group
Meets Sept. 23, 30 & Oct. 7
Emmaus StaffMo 5:15-6:45p09/3/201312/9/2013
F4999-2Theological Reflection Group
Meets Sept. 24 & Oct. 1, 8
Emmaus StaffTu 1:00-3:00p09/3/201312/9/2013
F4999-3Theological Reflection Group
Meets Oct. 29 & Nov. 5, 12
Emmaus StaffTu 5:15-6:45p09/3/201312/9/2013
F4999-4Theological Reflection Group
Meets Sept. 25 & Oct. 2, 9
Emmaus StaffWe 11:30a-12:45p09/3/201312/9/2013
F4999-5Theological Reflection Group
Meets Oct. 30 & Nov. 6, 13
Emmaus StaffWe 5:15-6:45p09/3/201312/9/2013
F4999-6Theological Reflection Group
Meets Oct. 5
Emmaus StaffSa 9:00a-3:00p Rm Wilmette010/15/201310/5/2013
F4999-7Theological Reflection Group
Meets Nov. 9 in Lombard
Emmaus StaffSa 9:00a-3:00p011/9/201311/9/2013
F4999-8Theological Reflection Group
Meets Nov. 9 at CTU
Emmaus StaffSa 9:00a-3:00p011/9/201311/9/2013
F4999-9Theological Reflection Group
Online TR (Emmaus Dir. Approval Needed); Meets Sept. 30 - Nov. 4
Emmaus Staff 09/30/201311/4/2013
F4999-10Theological Reflection Group
Year Long TR (Emmaus Dir. Approval Needed)
Emmaus Staff 09/3/201312/9/2013
F4999-11Theological Reflection Group
Tolton Scholars
V White 09/3/201312/9/2013
F4999-12Theological Reflection Group
Romero Scholars
TBA 09/3/201312/9/2013
FA4001-1Foundations: Doing Theology
Meets 8 sessions: Sept. 9 - Nov. 4
J M de MesaMo 7:00-9:45p Rm 33929/9/201311/4/2013
FP4001-1Foundations: Theology and Practice of MinistryE FoleyTu 1:00-3:00p Rm 33929/3/201312/16/2013
FT4001-1Foundations: Understanding Christian TraditionR SchroederWe 7:00-9:00p Rm 33929/3/201312/16/2013
H4301-1Patristics from World Christianity PerspectivesK SawyerTu 8:30-11:15a Rm 33539/3/201312/9/2013
I4310-1MAPS ColloquiumM CimpermanWe 7:00-9:00p Rm 33129/3/201312/9/2012
I5310-1MAPS and MAs in Specialized Ministry: Pastoral Project or Professional Paper
Program Director's Signature Required
E D Crowley 29/3/201312/9/2013
I6005-1D. Min. Core I
Course begins with Intensive Week August 27 - Aug. 30
M FrohlichTu 1:00-3:45p Rm 33538/27/201312/9/2012
K2010-1Lecture Series: Spiritual Classics of the Early Church
Lecture Series
M FrohlichWe 7:00-8:15p Rm 210A-C09/3/201312/9/2013
M4201-1Immersion Re-Entry Program
MDiv students returning from Summer Immersion (CPE/Intensive Placements)
M Schramm 09/3/201312/9/2013
M4203A-1MDIV Ministry Practicum - Fall Session
FP4001 is a Prerequiste;
M SchrammTu 9:00-10:30a39/3/201312/9/2013
M4203A-2MDIV Ministry Practicum - Fall Session
FP4001 is a Prerequiste;
M SchrammTu 3:00-4:30p39/3/201312/9/2013
M4204A-1Ministry Practicum for Specialized MAsM Schramm 29/3/201312/9/2013
M4204JA-1Ministry Practicum for MA in Justice Ministry: Part A
Must take Workshops JR1b and YR1c before doing Ministry
M SchrammTu 3:00-4:30p39/3/201312/9/2013
M4204JA-2Ministry Practicum for MA in Justice Ministry: Part A
Must take Workshops JR1b and YR1c before doing Ministry
M SchrammTu 6:30-8:00p39/3/201312/9/2013
M4208-1Pastoral Immersion for a semesterM Schramm 39/3/201312/9/2013
M4209-1Pastoral Immersion for an Academic Year
Must See the Field Ed. Director after registration
M Schramm 69/3/201312/9/2013
M4950-1CPEM Schramm 39/3/201312/9/2013
M4950i-1CPE - ImmersionM Schramm 39/3/201312/9/2013
M4970i-1Cross Cultural Pastoral Year - ImmersionM Schramm 69/3/201312/9/2013
MA2200-1MA Research Skills
Blended Course: Portions of this course will be done Online: Priority given to MA degree students
M L Layton-McMahonWe 4:00-6:00p Rm 30429/3/201312/9/2013
MP4306-1Pastoral Ministry: Developing Skills and Competencies for Cooperative LeadershipK McCloneTu 1:00-3:45p Rm 33739/3/201312/9/2012
MP4310-1Collaborative Skills for Administration in Ministry
Need to register for the 6 Workshops
O Easter 29/3/201312/9/2013
MP4310a-1Leadership Styles
Meets Oct. 11
O EasterFr 9:00a-4:00p Rm 339010/11/201310/11/2013
MP4310b-1Workplace Relations
Meets on Nov. 1
O EasterFr 9:00a-4:00p Rm 339011/11/201311/11/2013
MP4310c-1Personnel Issues
Meets on Nov. 22
O EasterFr 9:00a-4:00p Rm 339011/1/201311/1/2013
P2100-1History of Ancient PhilosophyH E StarkTh 1:00-3:45p Rm 33339/3/201312/9/2013
P2220-1Critical Thinking and Applied LogicP O'ConnorMo 10:00a-12:45p Rm 30439/3/201312/9/2012
S4020-1Introduction to the Christian Spiritual LifeV WhiteMo 1:00-3:45p Rm 33139/3/201312/9/2012
S4310-1Spiritual Classics of the Early Church
Lecture Series Course
M FrohlichWe 7:00-8:15p Rm 210A-C We 8:20-9:45p Rm 33339/3/201312/9/2013
S5101-1Foundations and Methods for the Study of SpiritualiltyG Cavazos-GonzálezMo 9:00-11:45a Rm 33139/3/201312/9/2012
SC5190-1Santa María de Guadalupe y Tepeyac and Chicago
Online Course
G Cavazos-González 39/3/201312/9/2012
W4200-1Sacraments I: Initiation and ReconciliationR FragomeniWe 1:00-3:45p Rm 40439/3/201312/9/2012
W4201-1Sacraments II: Eucharist and Sacramental Theology
Online Course
E Foley 39/3/201312/9/2013
W4205-1Lay Leadership of Prayer and Preaching
Recommended to be taken LATER in one's program; Prerequistes - for MDIV Students: W4200 and W4201; for MAPS Students: W4200 or W4201
R McCarronMo 7:00-9:45p Rm 304/404/210 Chapel39/3/201312/9/2013
W4208-1Presiding 2R FragomeniTu 1:00-3:00p Rm 40429/3/201312/9/2012
W4209-1Preaching IR FragomeniMo 1:00-3:45p Rm 40439/3/201312/9/2012
W5001-1Catechesis/Religious Education in the Worshiping CommunityR McCarronWe 7:00-9:45p Rm 30439/3/201312/9/2012
W5230-1Liturgical MethodsR McCarronMo 1:00-3:45p Rm 30439/3/201312/9/2013
WS4100-1Liturgy, Contemplation, and Mission: Ecclesial Spirituality
Highly recommended to have had Spirituality & Liturgy courses
G OstdiekMo 1:00-3:45p Rm 33739/3/201312/9/2013
YR1-1Virtus Training Workshop
ALL MDiv Year I Students: MUST Sign Up Online at as well
 Fr 9:00a-12:00p09/3/201312/9/2013
YR2-1Theological Reflection Workshop
For Students Enrolled in M4203A/M4204/M4204JA, Ministry Practicum
M Schramm 09/3/201312/9/2013